Virtual Giro d’Italia

Until we can enjoy the thrill of the Giro again along the roads of Italy, Virtual Giro d'Italia offers a digital experience of the famous cycle race, in collaboration with Garmin Edge and Tacx.

Virtual Giro d'Italia offers a unique chance to feel part of a vibrant community of cycling enthusiasts, united by the same Never-ending Love for the Giro d'Italia. One big family from around the world will be taking a virtual ride along 7 iconic stages of the 2020 Giro d'Italia.

Just like the pros on the road, you can challenge your friends to win the Maglia Rosa every day.

TAKING PART is simple

Go to the "Sign up" section on the website;
Register by filling in the fields You agree to connect your Garmin Connect account to the website or create a new one if you are not already a Garmin user.
Accept the regulation and ... go!
You are in the Giro d'Italia!

How to do it? Take part in all the stages.
You can win the Maglia Rosa, the Maglia Bianca or even the Maglia Garmin.

Taking part in a big stage lap has never been easier, but now you can do it with your friends or teammates.

Never Stop Cycling

Register and take part


Maglia Rosa

Pink like "La Gazzetta dello Sport", like a page, like the sheets the cyclists are handed at the peak of an ascent and spread on their stomachs to protect them from the cold during the descent. Pink like the dawn of a champion. The pink jersey of the race leader.

  • Primacy
  • Triumph
  • Team Spirit

Maglia Bianca

White symbolises freshness, and perhaps naivety; cleanliness and perhaps innocence; youth and perhaps shyness. It symbolises the blank pages of a new student, a beginner, a college freshman. The Maglia Bianca awarded to the top rider under 26.

  • Youth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Tenacity

Maglia Garmin

Blue like our colours. For those who cycle at the speed of a hurricane, like a bolt of lightning. For those with sprinting in their blood. The Maglia Garmin for the fastest racer.

  • Speed
  • Sprint
  • Power


The Virtual Giro d'Italia will also feature a fundraiser on the online portal
All riders will be able to donate for the entire period of the Virtual Giro, and the entire proceeds will go to the Italian Red Cross, which has been operating in the front line since the beginning of the Covid-19 alert in a variety of roles, including emergency relief, healthcare, psychological, logistical and information support, control activities and screening, and is carrying out many other crucial activities in the battle against this epidemic.